Andrea Williams

Master Teacher of  Angel & Ascension Teacher
Training Courses

Based in Sidmouth, East Devon
07732 464714

Andrea delivers Teacher Training Courses on Angels and Ascension as well as courses and workshops on
Angels, Ascension, Ascended Masters, Elementals and Unicorns.
Andrea also channels Angel Healing, Angel Readings and Angel Therapy sessions.

Angel and Ascension Teacher Training Courses:

Please contact Andrea directly for further information.

Angel Healing and Therapy

Working with the Divine Energies of the Angelic Realm brings about a resolution to all kinds of problems, physical, emotional and mental.  The number of sessions depends on each individual and the use of your free will.

Andrea also works with Children and Young People. Angel therapy can help with confidence issues, sleeping, childhood fears, phobias, anxieties, exam stress, focus and concentration, anger and other behaviour issues. Andrea is CRB/DBS cleared and fully insured.

The sessions usually last around 1 to 2 hours and as testified by many, one leaves feeling peaceful, calm, comforted and positive.     

To arrange an Appointment, call Andrea on 

07732 464714

One Day Courses

10am – 4pm

Dates For One Day Courses


Please contact Andrea directly for current course dates

'Angel Day'

£55 per person

The ‘Angel Day’ is filled with laughter, joy and love. You will participate in meditations that connect you to the Angels, along with activities and the dissemination of information that enable you to ask for help with all manner of things from cleaning  windows to finding a lost item, to more compassionate issues such as emotional issues, relationships or healing matters, as well as gaining clarity and guidance for future pathways. You will walk away richer in positivity and spirit, secure in the knowledge and experience that you can connect to your Angels and ask for help, anytime, night or day. 

'Meet the Archangels'

£30 per person

The Angel Day leads to Archangel sessions where we look at individual Archangels and work with them to support, inspire and enhance our pathway.  Archangels have specific roles such as Healing, Guidance, Compassion, Strength, Protection and Clarity etc.

'Introduction to Ascension'

£55 per person

Ascension is the term used to describe a spiritual journey resulting in the growth of the soul. These days open many doors to further your insight and develop your awareness. This will aid in increasing your light body and accelerating your spiritual progress. The day is made up of a variety of visualisations and activities, along with understanding the Ascension process and how to ascend this lifetime.

'Join the Masters and Serve Humanity'

£30 per person

These sessions research individual masters and work with their energies to empower your spiritual advancement.

Meet the Unicorns’ Day

£55 per person

The Unicorn Day is wonderful for children and young adults. This day connects you to these beautiful pure beings of light with their magical golden horns.  The Unicorns radiate high vibrational energies which help with healing, recollection of ancient wisdom, understanding and self awareness at a soul level.  The day is filled with great laughter as the Unicorns are most playful and mischievous. Come and enjoy the wonderful energies of the beautiful Unicorns soon.

Faerie Days for Children


Faerie days are full of fun: meeting your very own faerie and finding out their name. Discovering all about the nature spirits, where they live and all the different types of nature spirits there are. We do this in the garden or in the woods if the weather permits. We learn how to cast magic faerie spells to help the faeries and all nature spirits keep our planet loved and very beautiful. We also make our own craft faerie to take home and hang over our bed so that we can talk to our faerie whenever we need to. Everyone has to dress up as a faerie princess, which means the mums too! and bring along a faerie packed lunch!

About Andrea

Andrea is an Esoteric Healer and Karuna Reiki Master and has been working with the Angels for many years.  Andrea qualified through the Diana Cooper Foundation to be an Angel Teacher and then a Master Teacher of Angel Teacher Training. Andrea also works as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in working with Children and Young People.

Andrea’s ethos is to respect the universal brotherhood of humanity, treating all without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or colour.  To the best of her ability, she lives life with reverence; her motto is ‘right thought, right action, right deed’.  Example not precept, is the best teaching aid. She consciously endeavours to practise the Universal Truths and treats all sentient beings and herself with respect, patience, calmness, understanding, compassion and love. Through meditation, she constantly broadens her mind to observe and comprehend the nature and latent powers within man, and strive towards liberation and ascension.  

Within her realm as a spiritual teacher, Andrea encourages seekers to travel the path of Divine Wisdom by providing a welcoming space to awaken and integrate the heart, soul and mind through accessible, professional, loving and open talks, study, service, healing and meditation; believing that there is no religion higher than truth.  That by exploring our own nature we are able to access the inner experience of truth.  She is dedicated to the sharing of science, philosophy and the practices of self-realisation through relative and pertinent means.   Andrea’s aims and objectives are to take the truth, teachings and tools of all religions and philosophies and disseminate the knowledge and wisdom with love.

“To keep moving forward we must give out what we have received” and it is Andrea’s privilege to pass on to you the opportunity, wonder and beautiful energies that are being given to us at this present moment.  Fill your hearts with love and bliss and open the doors to your future knowing that you will be guided by beings of pure Divine light brimming with unconditional love and support.

Andrea travels across Cheshire, North Wales and Devon.  If you would like to have any of the one day workshops on a different date to suit your diary, or in your hometown, then please contact Andrea directly
and she will be delighted to organise the day for you.


I left with a great bond and connection to the Divine; Andrea brings about the special energies of the angels! 
LD, Blackburn, Lancashire

Andrea has a very special gift and utilises it with modesty. 
GH, Stockport, Cheshire

I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with Andrea: great joy and so powerful! 
SH , Chorley, Lancashire

Andrea is a warm hearted, loving soul who heals through love and kindness. 
JT, Hale, Cheshire            

Angel Therapy with Andrea turned my life about for the better, marvellous! 
MC, Manchester

I am now filled with peace and the angels, thank you Andrea. 
BW, North Wales

Andrea is a wonderful teacher, I loved my time with her. 
ES, Stoke

Contact Andrea

Tel: 07732 464714